Tree pruning services are often needed when structural integrity of a tree is a concern or safety of people and property is involved. A certified tree trimming service company will always plan and execute its work to diminish the risk to people and property while at the same time maintaining the tree’s structure.

Lifting: This involves the removal of soft growth and lower branches to increase the trees vertical clearance of the canopy. This, however, should not lead to the removal of more than 15 % of the live crown height.

Thinning: This is the removal of secondary branches from the crown to reduce density and leave the tree well- balanced.

Reshaping and reduction: Includes the removal of outer branches back toward the main trunk in order to reduce the crown’s size. Crown reduction eliminates the stress that can lead to stunted growth of a tree.

Coppicing: This is the removal of all the growth of a tree shrub to almost ground level. The stumps are usually left in order to reproduce.

Crown cleaning: This is the removal of all dead, diseased and branches that cross each other.